Filofax Refills

I thought I’d worked out the best diary set up for me. After a couple of weeks I realised it was going to be a lot harder than I thought. I now understand what people mean about reaching Filofax nirvana.

I’ve traded in my day-on-two-pages set up for some new DIY week-on-two-pages refills. I wanted something basic but wasn’t sure what fonts to use. I googled Kate Spade fonts as I’m a big fan of Kate Spade and the branding. Lo and behold! I found out exactly what fonts they use: Baskerville (used in all lower case letters) and Futura (used in all capital letters)! I downloaded some diary refills from Philofaxy and swapped the fonts over.

Pentorium: Filofax DIY Diary Refills

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Platinum 3776 Music Nib Fountain Pen Review

Platinum. The name of a super precious metal, and one of the largest pen companies in Japan. Part of the Big Three: the trifecta of Japanese pen companies that make almost all of the quality writing instruments in Japan; Pilot, Sailor, and Platinum.

This means that when you pick up a pen from one of these three you’re bound to be holding a very good one. Of course, such quality isn’t born overnight. Each company has been working on perfecting the writing instrument for around 100 years, and every pen is born from that collection of experience.

Platinum is no exception.

Music Nib Pen Photo

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Notemaker Sale + Giveaway

A couple of times a year our favourite Australian stationery online store, Notemaker, has an a warehouse sale. This is serious stuff. We’re talking tables and tables of paper, diaries, accessories, cards, organisers, pencil cases, bags, all at ridiculously cheap prices.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email saying it was on again. I called Jonathan straight away and we prepared to drop everything to get there on the first day. We’ve been to the past three warehouse sales where we’ve spent a lot of money each time. Every sale we’ve come home with boxes of stuff! Once we even went back for more the following day…

O-Check Notebooks

These O-Check Notebooks come in a range of ruling styles. Jonathan got six of them, because at six for $10, you can’t resist!!

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The Song and Dance Over Music Nibs

If you’ve been in the fountain pen world for a while, you may own, or at least have heard of, a music nib pen. Now, if you haven’t, then don’t worry. I’ll bring you up to speed on what a music nib is in a moment. Musics are one of those specialty nibs that are made for, you guessed it, creating music. This is not to say the nib sings as it writes, or you use it in place of a violin bow, but it is used to literally make music. Write music.

Music Nib Closeup Photo

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