Fountain Pen Guide Series, Session 1: Nibs, Feeds, and How They Come Together


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Fountain Pen Guide Series - Nibs, Feeds, And How They Come Together Photo

This is the first in a long list of guides all about fountain pens, ink, and everything that makes a fountain pen what it is. Fountain pens are one of the most difficult writing instruments to get used to after coming from ballpoints or pencils, and maintaining them can sometimes be just as confusing. This series is designed to help you get the most out of your pens and become versed with what makes them tick. I will also delve into other topics, such as how to buy a fountain pen, how to pick a quality pen, different inks for your pen, and much, much more!

Each section will be split up into separate posts, and I will include a table of contents at the top of each post. You don’t have to follow along word by word (but please do if you can!), just skip to the section that interests you most by clicking the link in the contents.

During these guides I will introduce new words, but don’t worry! I will star any new ones and at the very bottom of the post will be a glossary of the starred terms. If I neglect to mark any confusing words, or if you have any questions at all about what I have written or elaboration on a particular topic, please comment or send me an email¬†using my Contact Me page.

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And the winner is…

Pentorium Giveaway Photo

Randomly selected from the pool of entries, the winner of our
NoteMaker Warehouse Sale Giveaway is…


Well done Anja! You have won a stationery pack including two Rhodia notepads, a Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil, and a Lamy Vista ballpoint pen!

Get in touch with us within two weeks (by August 30th, 2012) so we can send you your prize! Just send us an email to:

Thank you so much to everyone that entered and for the fantastic support of Pentorium. Even if you didn’t win this time, there are many more giveaways coming up so stay tuned (hey, there’s even another one on right now!)

Uni-ball x Majolica Majorca Review and Giveaway!

Pentorium: Uni-ball Style Fit Majolica MajorcaThis is the ultimate girls post. What could possibly be more awesome than cute pens? When there’s a collaboration between a stationery giant and a makeup powerhouse! Shiseido is an international makeup brand and when I picked up on the fact that the new Uni-ball Style Fits were in collaboration with Majolica Majorca (Shiseido’s drugstore range) I sensed blogging of epic proportions.

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Review: Bic Cristal Pocket Scents

Pentorium: Bic Scented Coloured Pens

I picked up these pens for three reasons: they’re nice colours, they’re mini, and they were $3.74!

Being the most popular brand of supermarket stationery, I’ve never really liked Bic pens particularly the Cristal range. However, making them scented, pretty, and mini is the best way to win me over!

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Edison Collier Review

Collier Body Reflection Photo

Edison… What’s that? A relatively small pen company based in the USA, Edison is run by Brian Gray, an all around genius when it comes to super cool fountain pens. There are many different models such as the Herald, Hudson, and this, the Collier, but Edison’s main focus is custom made fountain pens.

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Quick Questions (1st August 2012)

Quick Questions Picture

Quick questions is a new series of posts dedicated to answering your questions and also addressing common problems we have come across ourselves.

Now this doesn’t mean that Jono will only be talking about fountain pens and Charlotte about gel pens. No, we are both more than pen people! We will talk about inks, paper, pencils, pens, organisation, and anything else! You can even ask us questions about ourselves if you like.

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