Pelikan Souveran M400 Review

Pelikan M400

It’s time for another pen review, this time a Pelikan! The M400 is a middle-ground fountain pen that sits between the budget M200 and the premium M600; for those that love the M200 design, but are after a 14k gold nib plus some extra luxury trimmings. Pelikans come in, generally, a single design that increases only in size and price as you work your way up the range. Starting from the M200 and being rounded off by the monstrous M1000, the M line represents one of the finest luxury fountain pen lines available.

“So,” some of you may be thinking, “why should I spend the extra over the M200?” Well I think the best way to answer that question is a head to head comparison, so scroll down to see that! For the rest of you, read on for a detailed review of the pen.

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