Random Ink Find: Parker Penman Mocha

Hey everyone! I know it has been a bit since my last post, but it’s currently exam time and I have my head inside textbooks right now with little time to blog.

I’m taking a short break to show you something Ma’ just plonked on my desk this morning: An unused bottle of vintage, discontinued Parker Penman Mocha ink.

A quick search on Google shows a bunch of Fountain Pen Network threads filled with people dying to get just a drop of this ink. Apparently it’s a real beauty, and being discontinued people are running out and are unable to buy more.

So i guess you could say this is pretty special, and Mum just found it randomly in a box around the house (we have moved and are unpacking all the boxes gradually). It’s a pretty gorgeous ink, so here are some quick photos.

Parker Penman Mocha

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