Tech Force Pen on Kickstarter

For those of you that missed out on the Apollo pen, or wanted something similar in a less expensive package, I’ve got another Kickstarter pen to share with you.

Tech Force Pen

It’s a similar concept, a metal pen that slips into a metal case that has ruled edges along its sides. Like the Apollo, the Tech Force accepts Pilot Hi Tec C refills, which are widely available and of very good quality, perfect for drafting and making fine lines – the main application of the Tech Force.

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Hero Has Cloned The Lamy Safari

What… the?

Just as I thought it could never happen, the Safari fountain pen has been cloned. This pen apparently popped up a few months ago, but I didn’t catch wind of it until now. I don’t know why anyone would consider cloning a pen that can be bought for around $10 online, but I guess the Chinese will do anything. Here it is, the Hero Summer Colour:

Hero Summer Colour Photo

And here is the normal Safari:

Lamy Safari YellowReports online say it’s a bad quality replica with poor quality control. I may pick one up just to compare it, but I doubt I would ever use one of these. Though, that purple does look pretty cool… I wonder if it is possible to remove the innards of a Safari and put the body of a Hero on. Will have to see!