On how I’m not dead, and UPDATES

Hey guys, it’s me, Jono. And no, I haven’t fallen deathly ill, nor have I dropped off the face of this here planet.

Time has been such a commodity the past couple (three, maybe?) of months that this blog has had to take a backseat in the Mini Cooper that is my time pool (get it, it’s like a small car and my time has been… oh forget it). My final semester of University, photography jobs, and numerous other commitments have simply sapped all of my calendar space, hence why updates have been so sparse on the site.

I have, however, been answering any emails and questions you guys have sent directly to me, and I appreciate that you consider me a valid source of pen information. Keep them coming, I do read all of your emails and comments and am happy to help out where I can (or direct you where you can find a better answer). So, let’s get onto some updates:

  • Product Reviews: Yeah, these have been few and far between despite me saying I have “hundreds of things” near constantly. Do not worry, despite the fact that some of my collection is archaic or no longer available to buy, I should have some cool new stuff to share with you soon.
  • YouTube: Yes, this has been seriously underwhelming. Despite being a photographer, my videography skills are lacking. I’ve learned a lot about video recently, and yes, I do need to get some better lighting. This will all happen soon.
  • Features and Guides: My third FP guide has been in the works since the early 1700s and I still haven’t gotten around to finishing it. No matter, I’ll be working on that as well as a bunch of other cool stuff, as well as publicly answering some great questions I’ve received, in the coming weeks.

But lastly, one update that may be a little disappointing, or perhaps surprising, to a lot of you. I don’t really buy pens anymore, and have been steering more of my interests towards computers and photography than pens and paper lately. This is not to say I’ve lost interest in these topics completely, but I have diverted more attention to my other interests. Now, what does this mean? Well, not much really, but my days of constantly buying pens has fizzled a little. I didn’t even buy the last LE Safari (shocking, I know).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this blog may become a little more diverse than the name suggests. This means more reviews of things like bags, technology, and anything else that relates to the core theme of this blog: organisation. Yes, this whole blog was founded on the principle that by having nice things to use, you will be more compelled to both use them and become more organised. And of course, organisation is one of those things that permeates through your entire life, making you feel better, work better, and play better.

So, I hope that this has shed a bit more light on the whole situation here, and I guess I’ll catch you in my next post!