DIY Pen Storage Display Trays

Pentorium: DIY Pen Storage Display Trays

For Jono’s 20th Birthday earlier this month I made him some trays to store his currently inked fountain pens in as they were a mess all over his desk. They were such a hit he thought I should share how to make them with all our Pentorium friends!

This is a really easy DIY, and only cost around $5 a tray!

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Uni-ball x Majolica Majorca Giveaway Winners!

Thank you very much to everyone who entered! We were astounded at the 119 entries!

Congratulations to our two winners:

Pentorium: Uni-ball x Majolica Majorca Winners

If you could send an email to with your post address within a week we can send you your prizes! :)

Thanks again everyone!

PS. I’ll let you in on a secret: our next giveaway involves fountain pens…

Uni-ball x Majolica Majorca Review and Giveaway!

Pentorium: Uni-ball Style Fit Majolica MajorcaThis is the ultimate girls post. What could possibly be more awesome than cute pens? When there’s a collaboration between a stationery giant and a makeup powerhouse! Shiseido is an international makeup brand and when I picked up on the fact that the new Uni-ball Style Fits were in collaboration with Majolica Majorca (Shiseido’s drugstore range) I sensed blogging of epic proportions.

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Review: Bic Cristal Pocket Scents

Pentorium: Bic Scented Coloured Pens

I picked up these pens for three reasons: they’re nice colours, they’re mini, and they were $3.74!

Being the most popular brand of supermarket stationery, I’ve never really liked Bic pens particularly the Cristal range. However, making them scented, pretty, and mini is the best way to win me over!

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Filofax Refills

I thought I’d worked out the best diary set up for me. After a couple of weeks I realised it was going to be a lot harder than I thought. I now understand what people mean about reaching Filofax nirvana.

I’ve traded in my day-on-two-pages set up for some new DIY week-on-two-pages refills. I wanted something basic but wasn’t sure what fonts to use. I googled Kate Spade fonts as I’m a big fan of Kate Spade and the branding. Lo and behold! I found out exactly what fonts they use: Baskerville (used in all lower case letters) and Futura (used in all capital letters)! I downloaded some diary refills from Philofaxy and swapped the fonts over.

Pentorium: Filofax DIY Diary Refills

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