On how I’m not dead, and UPDATES

Hey guys, it’s me, Jono. And no, I haven’t fallen deathly ill, nor have I dropped off the face of this here planet.

Time has been such a commodity the past couple (three, maybe?) of months that this blog has had to take a backseat in the Mini Cooper that is my time pool (get it, it’s like a small car and my time has been… oh forget it). My final semester of University, photography jobs, and numerous other commitments have simply sapped all of my calendar space, hence why updates have been so sparse on the site.

I have, however, been answering any emails and questions you guys have sent directly to me, and I appreciate that you consider me a valid source of pen information. Keep them coming, I do read all of your emails and comments and am happy to help out where I can (or direct you where you can find a better answer). So, let’s get onto some updates:

  • Product Reviews: Yeah, these have been few and far between despite me saying I have “hundreds of things” near constantly. Do not worry, despite the fact that some of my collection is archaic or no longer available to buy, I should have some cool new stuff to share with you soon.
  • YouTube: Yes, this has been seriously underwhelming. Despite being a photographer, my videography skills are lacking. I’ve learned a lot about video recently, and yes, I do need to get some better lighting. This will all happen soon.
  • Features and Guides: My third FP guide has been in the works since the early 1700s and I still haven’t gotten around to finishing it. No matter, I’ll be working on that as well as a bunch of other cool stuff, as well as publicly answering some great questions I’ve received, in the coming weeks.

But lastly, one update that may be a little disappointing, or perhaps surprising, to a lot of you. I don’t really buy pens anymore, and have been steering more of my interests towards computers and photography than pens and paper lately. This is not to say I’ve lost interest in these topics completely, but I have diverted more attention to my other interests. Now, what does this mean? Well, not much really, but my days of constantly buying pens has fizzled a little. I didn’t even buy the last LE Safari (shocking, I know).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this blog may become a little more diverse than the name suggests. This means more reviews of things like bags, technology, and anything else that relates to the core theme of this blog: organisation. Yes, this whole blog was founded on the principle that by having nice things to use, you will be more compelled to both use them and become more organised. And of course, organisation is one of those things that permeates through your entire life, making you feel better, work better, and play better.

So, I hope that this has shed a bit more light on the whole situation here, and I guess I’ll catch you in my next post!


Tech Force Pen on Kickstarter

For those of you that missed out on the Apollo pen, or wanted something similar in a less expensive package, I’ve got another Kickstarter pen to share with you.

Tech Force Pen

It’s a similar concept, a metal pen that slips into a metal case that has ruled edges along its sides. Like the Apollo, the Tech Force accepts Pilot Hi Tec C refills, which are widely available and of very good quality, perfect for drafting and making fine lines – the main application of the Tech Force.

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Hero Has Cloned The Lamy Safari

What… the?

Just as I thought it could never happen, the Safari fountain pen has been cloned. This pen apparently popped up a few months ago, but I didn’t catch wind of it until now. I don’t know why anyone would consider cloning a pen that can be bought for around $10 online, but I guess the Chinese will do anything. Here it is, the Hero Summer Colour:

Hero Summer Colour Photo

And here is the normal Safari:

Lamy Safari YellowReports online say it’s a bad quality replica with poor quality control. I may pick one up just to compare it, but I doubt I would ever use one of these. Though, that purple does look pretty cool… I wonder if it is possible to remove the innards of a Safari and put the body of a Hero on. Will have to see!

This is One Cool Pen

Apollo Pen Kickstarter

Flicking through my emails, I saw this pen featured on the JetPens newsletter. It looks incredibly cool, and with just under two days left on their Kickstarter, I thought I’d share it with you guys quickly. It’s called the Apollo pen.

Reading through the description, it looks like a metal drafting pen that’s completely modular, and takes a huge variety of refills. I mean, look at the list of compatible pen refills at the bottom of the page. That’s immense. It also has a stylus tip on the other end, and even takes a Lamy mechanical pencil refill!

I tend to only use fountain pens, not ballpoints, so I won’t be backing it, but if you’re after what looks like an extremely well made pen that takes all your refills (plus more), you may want to take a look!

Check out the Kickstarter here

An Update Or Two

Hey everyone! I’m sitting here wide awake at 2AM in the morning, jet lagged and with a brutal cold. Seems a perfect time to do a post! I just thought I’d update you on some new ideas for Pentorium and what exactly is going on at the mo’.

First of all, regarding the jet lag. I’ve been with Charlotte for the past month in the UK, visiting her family and also spending a lot of time shopping and seeing more of my favourite city (London). It was great, and I wish we could have stayed longer!

My mum, my brother, and I have also moved into a new house, and that’s been a big job over the past few months. So, thats why Pentorium, and you guys, haven’t quite been getting much attention so far this year! I still reply to comments and check my Twitter feed, plus replying to any email questions I receive, so don’t worry I haven’t completely dropped off the face of the Earth.

So what now? Well, I plan to get back into blogging in full swing, first by finishing session three of my fountain pen guide. I know a lot of you have been asking about how to fix nibs, take apart pens, and so on, so I’ll be addressing all those points in this post. I also plan to do more and more videos (I actually have a proper desk now with consistent lighting), so please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see those!

Also, reviews. This site was started initially as a stationery review site, but guides and other such things have kind of gotten in the way. I have a stack about 6ft high of different notebooks (plus a heap of pens and inks) to review for you, and will do so regularly!

Something else I have planned for the future: Phototorium. Yes, I have an itch to start a photography blog, talking about photography, reviews, sharing tips and tricks, and so on. For those of you that enjoy taking photos as a hobby, Phototorium will be for you. The name may change, but the idea will be the same.

So, until next time, keep writing!


Introducing the Pentorium YouTube Channel!

Pentorium Youtube

Finally, the Pentorium youtube channel is live! Please SUBSCRIBE to get instant notification when there’s a new video available.

The plan is to put up pen reviews, video guides, and anything else Pentorium-related!

The first video up is a video review of the Defy Bags First Class Messenger bag.

Thanks everyone!