JustWrite Multi-Review #2

JustWrite Multi Review

This post would not have been possible without the help of JustWrite

It’s time for another review of some products from JustWrite. This time, I’ll be looking at some very cheap and very interesting inks: the Toucan series. Plus, I look at the REAL Parker Frontier, and see how it fares against the cheaper copy, the Baoer 388.

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Random Ink Find: Parker Penman Mocha

Hey everyone! I know it has been a bit since my last post, but it’s currently exam time and I have my head inside textbooks right now with little time to blog.

I’m taking a short break to show you something Ma’ just plonked on my desk this morning: An unused bottle of vintage, discontinued Parker Penman Mocha ink.

A quick search on Google shows a bunch of Fountain Pen Network threads filled with people dying to get just a drop of this ink. Apparently it’s a real beauty, and being discontinued people are running out and are unable to buy more.

So i guess you could say this is pretty special, and Mum just found it randomly in a box around the house (we have moved and are unpacking all the boxes gradually). It’s a pretty gorgeous ink, so here are some quick photos.

Parker Penman Mocha

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