Kaweco Sport Review

Kaweco Sport Review Fountain Pen and Clutch Pencil Photo

So for those that don’t know Kaweco (pronounced Cah-Veh-Co), they’ve been making pens for a while out of Germany, and have come up with some very iconic designs. One such iconic pen is this, the Sport. The Sport is part of a series of like-modelled pens that are primarily designed to be sturdy, comfortable to use, and small enough to lose in your pocket. Not only that, but they look unlike any other pen I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot of pens. If you ask anyone that knows Kaweco to name one of their pens, chances are they’d mention the Sport first.

Kaweco got in touch with me and sent a few pens for me to try. The Sport comes in several flavours, with a huge amount of colours, patterns, and designs in each. They don’t just make fountain pens either, there’s also ballpoints and pencils too. The range is pretty widely available, especially from places like JetPens or the Goulet Pen Company, and come in at a rather inexpensive price point (around $30). Of course the premium models, like the AL Sport, will cost you more, but you can expect the same (or similar) writing experience across the range.

So they sound pretty good, right? Well, let’s see.

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Platinum President Review

Platinum President Photo

Yeah, this review was a long time coming, I know, but do forgive me as I’ve been so busy writing with this pen that I had no time to blog about it! I swear!

As many of you know, Platinum is just about my favourite pen brand in the world. Never have I ever taken a Platinum pen out of its box and been disappointed with how it writes. Never.

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VIDEO: Jawbone UP Unboxing and Intro

The Jawbone UP is a “life tracking” bracelet which, along with the companion smartphone app, keeps tabs on what you do every day. I’ve been using it extensively over the past few days, logging everything I eat and seeing really cool statistics on how far I’ve walked, how long and how well I’ve slept, and the amount of calories I’ve burned every day. I haven’t tried the competition, but the UP is definitely one of the more polished products I’ve bought. If you’re considering purchasing a fitness/health tracking band, definitely give the UP a look!

Check out my unboxing and (uninformed) first impressions in the video below!

I’ll have a full video review up soon, so subscribe to the blog and YouTube channel to be notified when that happens.

Thanks guys :)

TWSBI VAC 700: Unboxing, First Impressions, and Writing Test! (Video)

TWSBI Vac 700 Capped Body Photo

Hey everyone! I came home to find a box sitting on the bench; it was my new TWSBI VAC 700 fountain pen. What better way to show you my first look at the pen, than to literally show you!

I unbox the pen, ink it, write with it, and smooth out the nib, even showing you how to open the flow. Wait for the end to see a writing test up close!

This pen is a new favourite! Expect a full written and video review very soon.

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For sale: A huge lot of vintage pens – Part 2, Vintage FLEX (all sold!)

Pen trays courtesy of Charlotte! See how to make them here.

Now that I’ve gotten right into pen restoration and photography, it seems only natural to take some great pictures of pens and then give you the opportunity to have those pens! I have spent the past few weeks busily restoring a heap of old pens: polishing them up; straightening, smoothing, polishing, even grinding nibs; and restoring filling systems, from snorkels to sac fillers.

There are a mixture of prices from $15 to $200, so there’s something for everyone!

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JetPens Review

I published this post on my own blog, Confetti Avenue, with the help of Jonathan and I thought I’d share it here – you will probably recognise his fantastic taking-photos-of-pens skills:

Pen Rainbow

Some of my Style Fit and Pilot Frixion Colour-Pencil-Like gel pens

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