VIDEO: Now n Then Eco Essential Pen & Pencil Review

Ishuja Now N Then Eco Essential Pen and Pencil

Now n Then contacted me recently, wondering if I’d like to get my hands on their Eco Essential pen and pencil they successfully funded on Kickstarter. Of course I said yes.

Now n Then comes from Ishuja, a group of three guys with some pretty interesting product ideas. Based in Taiwan, the three of them put their heads together to make some beautiful pens. Their latest, the Retro Essential pen, well exceeded the funding goal last month, so go check out what they’ve been doing lately on Kickstarter here.

The Eco Essential pen was funded mid-last year, and the pencil a few months after that. It’s obvious that people love the cool design and modern functions of these pens, and they’ve consistently raised many times their goal figure for their projects. So, are they deserving of all this support? Let’s see.

Check out the video review below, and read on to see my detailed thoughts on this set.


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Tech Force Pen on Kickstarter

For those of you that missed out on the Apollo pen, or wanted something similar in a less expensive package, I’ve got another Kickstarter pen to share with you.

Tech Force Pen

It’s a similar concept, a metal pen that slips into a metal case that has ruled edges along its sides. Like the Apollo, the Tech Force accepts Pilot Hi Tec C refills, which are widely available and of very good quality, perfect for drafting and making fine lines – the main application of the Tech Force.

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This is One Cool Pen

Apollo Pen Kickstarter

Flicking through my emails, I saw this pen featured on the JetPens newsletter. It looks incredibly cool, and with just under two days left on their Kickstarter, I thought I’d share it with you guys quickly. It’s called the Apollo pen.

Reading through the description, it looks like a metal drafting pen that’s completely modular, and takes a huge variety of refills. I mean, look at the list of compatible pen refills at the bottom of the page. That’s immense. It also has a stylus tip on the other end, and even takes a Lamy mechanical pencil refill!

I tend to only use fountain pens, not ballpoints, so I won’t be backing it, but if you’re after what looks like an extremely well made pen that takes all your refills (plus more), you may want to take a look!

Check out the Kickstarter here