Book Block Original – Custom Notebook Review


Notebooks are not something that are hard to find. There’s such a massive variety of brands and products around these days, that finding a notebook that suits your needs isn’t something that’s particularly difficult. However, there are those times when you want something custom, something unique; either to give as a gift, or keep for yourself.

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JustWrite Multi-Review #3: Sub $5 Fountain Pens

Justwrite Review Cheap Pens

This post would not have been possible without the help of JustWrite

Last time I wrote about cheap fountain pens, I was very impressed at the quality for pens that can be bought using spare change. The sub $10 and sub $5 category have really shone lately, both in the quality of the construction, and how they often write better than pens costing upwards of $100.

JustWrite recently sent me a huge batch of pens from their new sub $5 range, and after playing with them the past couple of weeks I have my final review to share with you guys. I’m pleased to say that all of these pens exceeded my expectations.

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A Collective Review of the Lamy Dialog Series

Lamy Dialog Series

The Lamy Dialogs are elusive pens. Though you may know the Lamy brand, it seems the 2000 and Safari get all of the attention, however I think the Dialog series is a real achievement by Lamy, and whilst they are expensive, they each bring something entirely unique to the table, something not found in other pen brands. Something German.

Lamy Dialog Series

Lamy Dialog Series

The packaging IS something to write home about. Make sure you use your new pen if you do.

I’m lucky enough to own all three of the Lamy Dialog pens, and they are absolutely unique from each other and will suit only a small percentage of pen users due to their unique designs and functions. In this post I’ll be reviewing all three, contrasting each as well, whilst comparing them to more contemporary pens available today.

Of course it’s most fitting to go in order, starting with the Lamy Dialog 1.

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JustWrite Multi-Review #1

Pentorium JustWrite

This post would not have been possible without the help of JustWrite

Recently Kevin from JustWrite got in contact with me and we talked about pens, his online store, and cheaper and interesting products for pen beginners and enthusiasts alike. JustWrite is an online pen store based in Australia, offering a huge variety of products to Australia and New Zealand. They stock Chinese, Indian, and Japanese pens, plus ranges from the likes of Parker and Omas. Not only do they have a wide variety of pencils and fountain and ballpoint pens, but also a very interesting range of inks and accessories. Kevin sent me a mix of products to try out and review, and I thought I would collate them into the one post, starting with the Kombi Patrone double-ended ink cartridges.

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Preventing Hand Fatigue During Long Writing Sessions

Hand Pain

Oh poo, I’ve gone and vice gripped my pen and broken my thumb

Exams. We all hate them, but we all have to do them. One thing that comes up regularly during long, fast-paced writing sessions is hand fatigue. About 20 minutes into an exam, people tend to get an awful pain in their hand muscles that leads to messy writing and regularly taking breaks, something you can’t afford in a timed setting.

Recently a reader, Chris, emailed me about this very topic and asked for help on finding a great pen for those long exams. My response? Focus on your grip first.

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An Update Or Two

Hey everyone! I’m sitting here wide awake at 2AM in the morning, jet lagged and with a brutal cold. Seems a perfect time to do a post! I just thought I’d update you on some new ideas for Pentorium and what exactly is going on at the mo’.

First of all, regarding the jet lag. I’ve been with Charlotte for the past month in the UK, visiting her family and also spending a lot of time shopping and seeing more of my favourite city (London). It was great, and I wish we could have stayed longer!

My mum, my brother, and I have also moved into a new house, and that’s been a big job over the past few months. So, thats why Pentorium, and you guys, haven’t quite been getting much attention so far this year! I still reply to comments and check my Twitter feed, plus replying to any email questions I receive, so don’t worry I haven’t completely dropped off the face of the Earth.

So what now? Well, I plan to get back into blogging in full swing, first by finishing session three of my fountain pen guide. I know a lot of you have been asking about how to fix nibs, take apart pens, and so on, so I’ll be addressing all those points in this post. I also plan to do more and more videos (I actually have a proper desk now with consistent lighting), so please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see those!

Also, reviews. This site was started initially as a stationery review site, but guides and other such things have kind of gotten in the way. I have a stack about 6ft high of different notebooks (plus a heap of pens and inks) to review for you, and will do so regularly!

Something else I have planned for the future: Phototorium. Yes, I have an itch to start a photography blog, talking about photography, reviews, sharing tips and tricks, and so on. For those of you that enjoy taking photos as a hobby, Phototorium will be for you. The name may change, but the idea will be the same.

So, until next time, keep writing!


My Favourite Pens (Video)

My collection of pens is getting larger all the time, but I do have a bunch that I like in particular. Here’s a list of those pens!

Click here to view the video on Youtube!

What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

(hit “read more” for hi-res photos of the pens)

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