Monsieur Notebook Soft Classics Review

Monsieur Notebook Soft Classics Review Photo

You may be thinking, “Hold on, didn’t he already review this?”.

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m duplicating my last post on Monsieur Notebook, but this one’s a little different. Since my last review, they have been trying to improve the look, feel, and overall quality of the notebooks, and got in touch with me to let me know that they’re bringing out a whole new range of “Soft Classic” leather-bound notebooks.

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Reader Question: Best Nib Size for School/Uni Work

I got a question today from a reader:

“Hello! I’m just about to buy a fountain pen, and I have a question.
The pen comes along with a 0.8 nib, and I’m really worried that the line might be too broad (I’m buying the pen for schoolwork so I don’t want the lines to be thick or bleeding problems caused by it) do you think 0.8 is fine for writing on notebook paper?
The pen is a stub, not a flex pen.”

I thought this was a good question that some of you may be wanting to know the answer to, so I thought I’d give a comprehensive answer.

As a Uni student that uses fountain pens exclusively I’ve come to know which pens I own work best for note-taking, staying organised, and, most importantly, writing on low quality Uni paper. The last point is unavoidable, as attendance sheets are printed on shoddy paper that bleeds and feathers, and group work may require you to all write on the same terrible paper that the tutor/teacher has given you.

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