The winner is…

Announcing the winner of the Jetpens Disposable Fountain Pens Competition


Thanks for your great entry and use of every cent of that $5.00 limit!

“Hmm, 5 dollars isn’t much… but if I had to choose, I would say the smallest Rhodia Pad (2 by 3 inches, for $1.60) because Rhodia paper is always awesome and I will need some good paper to use with all the great pens in your giveaway, and a Rhodia wooden pencil ($1.90) because I’ve always wanted one and because I should have a pencil as well as some pens, and finally a Seed Anatas Eraser because I’ll need an eraser to go with my pencil and because it looks cool and because it costs exactly $1.50, which is all that I have left at this point. All of that adds up to exactly $5.00. And I haven’t included any pens because if I win your giveaway then I won’t need any more pens! Well, not for a few days, anyway…”

Send us an email to with your postal address to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone that entered. It was a hard decision with all the fantastic entries!

Uni-ball x Majolica Majorca Review and Giveaway!

Pentorium: Uni-ball Style Fit Majolica MajorcaThis is the ultimate girls post. What could possibly be more awesome than cute pens? When there’s a collaboration between a stationery giant and a makeup powerhouse! Shiseido is an international makeup brand and when I picked up on the fact that the new Uni-ball Style Fits were in collaboration with Majolica Majorca (Shiseido’s drugstore range) I sensed blogging of epic proportions.

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JetPens Review

I published this post on my own blog, Confetti Avenue, with the help of Jonathan and I thought I’d share it here – you will probably recognise his fantastic taking-photos-of-pens skills:

Pen Rainbow

Some of my Style Fit and Pilot Frixion Colour-Pencil-Like gel pens

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