Best Beginner Fountain Pens 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

March 23, 2021-Kirk Hale

Our Top Picks

Waterman Expert Rollerball Pen
PILOT Metropolitan
  • Three color options: silver, champagne, and black
  • Available in two nib sizes, medium and fine 
  • Comes with an ink cartridge
uni-ball ONYX Rollerball Pen
Lamy Safari
  • Premium quality pen made with ABS plastic 
  • Available in different nib sizes - fine, medium broad 
  • Error-free, painless, and smooth writing experience 
Platinum Preppy
  • Get a colorful set of pens including - Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Engineered with Slip and Seal mechanism 
  • Available in three nib sizes - EF, F, and M

Fountain pens are a symbol of class, elegance, and luxury. It is for people who value quality over quantity and patience over haste. Once you start using a fountain pen, it is sure to become your favorite. Are you also fascinated by fountain pens, but confused about which is the best beginner fountain pen?

We've got you covered. In this best beginner fountain pen guide, we will help understand everything you must know. From usage to cleaning to choosing the best beginner fountain pen for your needs, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying a fountain pen

Top 10 Best Beginner Fountain Pens 2021

1. PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

Top Pick

PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen Best Beginner Fountain Pen
  • Three color options: silver, champagne, and black
  • Available in two nib sizes, medium and fine 
  • Comes with an ink cartridge
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Pilot Metropolitan Collection is hands down the best beginner fountain pen that is loved by thousands of buyers. With a barrel made of brass, the pen is not only durable but also lightweight.

So, your hands won’t hurt while writing for long hours at once. It is an ideal option for beginners and intermediate-level users. The pen is aesthetically beautiful as it has a matte black finish and stainless steel accents adding to the overall look. But, you can also choose the silver and champagne colors. 

The nib is made of good-quality stainless steel, which ensures smoothness and longevity. The nib is medium-sized, offering perfect comfort for beginners, but you can also try on the fine-nib version. It has an ink-control system, so you don't have to be extra careful not to let ink leak from the nib.

The ink flows well and the pen has a good grip, giving you a comfortable writing experience. The Pilot Metropolitan Collection comes with a starter cartridge, so you don't have to invest in ink right away. 

  • It is lightweight and durable
  • A perfect combination of aesthetics and performance
  • It is compatible with different cartridges and converters
  • The CON-50 converter is a little complicated, especially if you're a beginner

2. LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

Budget Pick

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen
  • Premium quality pen made with ABS plastic 
  • Available in different nib sizes - fine, medium broad 
  • Error-free, painless, and smooth writing experience
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It wouldn't be fair if our list of the best beginner fountain pens does not contain a product from Lamy. It is one of the top-notch pen brands in the market. Its body is made with ABS plastic. Don't be apprehensive of the plastic as it's high-quality and does not feel cheap. 

The Lamy Safari pen is available in multiple nib size variants like fine, medium, and broad nibs. The nibs are made with precision using stainless steel. It gives you an error-free, smooth experience while maintaining the writing quality. Lamy's ink flow system is a game changer, being suitable for long writing sessions. 

You will need the Z24 ink cartridges (which are sold separately) and the converters to fill ink with ease. However, it is compatible with all types of ink, so you can choose according to your preference. The pen is sturdy but lightweight and comes with  assurances of longevity..

Constructed of sturdy, yet lightweight ABS plastic, the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is sure to withstand years and years of use. The fine point pen features a black-coated steel nib and charcoal body, along with the included Lamy T10 blue cartridge. The fountain ink pen also uses Z24 cartridge converters, though they're sold separately. All in all, with a stylish charcoal body, firm grip, the Lamy Safari is stylish as well as practical.

  • Sturdy nib for smooth writing
  • Its ink flow system is good
  • An expensive option as compared to others
  • Sometimes the ink may bleed

3. Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen
  • Get a colorful set of pens including - Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • Engineered with Slip and Seal mechanism 
  • Available in three nib sizes - EF, F, and M
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If you're looking for a beginner fountain pen within a certain budget, then Platinum Preppy is an ideal option for you. It is a set of 7 disposable pens at a highly affordable price. Though disposable, you also get refills, so you don't have to worry if the ink runs out. 

It features a 0.3 mm in-house built nib, known for its distinct and fine lines on paper. Three nib sizes available - EF, F, and M. You will not face any feathering issues with it, and the ink flow is extremely good.

The pen has a smooth contour and surface, giving you a comfortable writing experience. The Slip and Seal mechanism does not let the ink dry out for nearly a year, so you can practice at your own pace.

  • Good for artistic work
  • Cost-effective
  • Has cartridges as well as a converter
  • Good for everyday use
  • A little scratchy sometimes

4. Scribe Sword Fountain Pen

Scribe Sword Fountain Pen
  • Balanced ink flow 
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Elegant pen with a sturdy nib
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The Scribe Sword is known for its ease of use and thus loved by beginners. It balances the weight, ink flow, and writing speed properly. The pen features a medium nib, and the ink flows perfectly from it. It offers optimum line thickness, so you don't have to press hard to get  perfect lines on paper. The ink glides smoothly on paper without any irregularities or blobs. However, the ink is sold separately. 

Made with a highly durable stainless steel metal body, it has been finished with  rhodium accents, adding to its elegance. It is packaged in a pressed and stitched case. 

What makes it stand out from the crowd is the lifetime manufacturer warranty. 

  • Lays down crisp and fine lines
  • Has a smooth gold nib
  • Attractive pen with good features
  • A bit pricey
  • The clip might irritate you sometimes

5. Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen

Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen
  • Designed with durable ABS plastic 
  • Portable and travel-friendly 
  • Features one short cartridge of blue ink
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Kaweco Sport is a simple product with all the features you need, making it the best beginner fountain pen. Easy to use, assemble and disassemble, and ideal for anyone who wants to begin his/her journey with fountain pens.

The pen's lightweight plastic body may not be very attractive, but it is quite sturdy. It features a smooth medium gold, stainless steel nib, with a good ink flow for easy writing. It comes with an easily refillable ink cartridge. It is quite travel-friendly, all thanks to its small size. 

  • Comfortable to use and easy to understand
  • Writes well and ink flows decently
  • Highly compact
  • Does not come with a refillable ink cartridge, you have to buy it separately

6. LAMY ABC Beginner Nib Fountain Pen

LAMY ABC Beginner Nib Fountain Pen
  • Features a non-slip, rubberized plastic grip for a good writing experience 
  • Available in different nib sizes
  • Has a pencil-like feel and comfort
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The USP of Lamy ABC is that it's specially designed to help children practice handwriting. With a touch body, functional nib, and easy-to-use mechanism, this pen introduces children to the joy of writing. The pen's body is made of durable maple wood which is relatively lighter than stainless steel fountain pens. 

It's ergonomically designed to focus the child's attention on handwriting and not handling problems. It features a large, rubberized grip, offering a firm hold for steady writing, and ease of use. It boasts a medium nib but other nib sizes are also available. So, the child does not have to put pressure to get fine, crisp, and bold lines on paper, as it comes naturally with the ink flow.

  • Specially designed for
  • Pack includes a blue ink cartridge
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • A little expensive

7. Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen

Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen
  • Environment-friendly pen made from recycled material 
  • Fits almost all international standard cartridge
  • Affordable and amazing writing experience
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Jinhao X750 is the perfect blend of classic style, modern look, and robust performance. It is a sleek, stylish pen with a gloss finish that is a fine addition to any writer’s pen collection. 

The pen comes with a rubberized grip that lets you hold onto it easily. It does not get slippery when you sweat, making it ideal for longer writing sessions. Moreover, it has a pocket clip, so you can carry it conveniently to the school or the office. 

With an all-metal casing, this pen is decently weighty and well-balanced. However, the pen's nib is the showstopper here. It is of an ideal size and the smoothest you'll ever come across. It provides  smooth writing. You can write endlessly with this pen, but won't feel any pressure as it is buttery smooth. The converter is not flashy but functional and quite large. 

Made with top-quality materials, offering customizable features like nib width and ink color at a cost-effective price.

  • Sturdy pen with all features
  • Good investment for new users
  • Balanced weight for comfortable writing
  • A bit big, so not very travel-friendly

8. Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen
  • Features Iridium material nib for smooth writing 
  • Available in varied colors and interchangeable ink cartridges 
  • Has a unique ink flow system to avoid blotting and spillage issues
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The Pilot Kakuno might not be the most stylish, but it packs a punch with its price and features. It gives a contemporary feel and is ergonomically designed for long writing hours. It is quite comfortable to use without causing any finger fatigue. 

It features a fine nib for smooth writing. But the USP of this pen is the especially curved triangle-shaped grip. It has a plastic casing but is quite tough and sturdy. Moreover, compared to other pens in the market, it is quite lightweight. So, one can easily switch from a ballpoint to the Pilot Kakaun fountain pen without feeling a big difference. 

Another noteworthy aspect is its affordable price. The pen's ink flow system is nice, offering you a smooth experience on paper. You also don't have to worry about ink spills or blotting issues.  

Overall, it is the best beginner fountain pen if you are looking for lightweight pens supporting long writing sessions.

  • Triangular grip for a firm hold
  • Ideal for long writing sessions
  • Ink flows flawlessly
  • The pack does not contain ink cartridges
  • Occasional leaking issues, have to take proper care

9. BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen Set

BEILUNER Luxury Fountain Pen Set
  • Sleek, good looking, delicate pen for best performance 
  • Specially engineered with No-spill technology 
  • Ideal nib with good ink flow
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  The pen comes with 6 ink cartridges, saving you the cost of buying them separately. Additionally, you also receive an ink refill converter that allows you to use any kind of ink you want. Made with high-quality rugged stainless steel, ensuring its sturdiness, and longevity. Not only the pen but also its nibs are also made of stainless steel, which makes it flexible as well as durable. 

If you want to make the most of your money, then there's nothing better than a Beliuner luxury fountain pen set. Also, what makes it the best beginner fountain pen, is that it contains all the essential features to give you a comfortable writing experience.

  • Value for money
  • Has cartridges as well as converter
  • Long-lasting and comfortable to use
  • A little heavy for people with small hands

10. Waterman Graduate Chrome Fountain Pen

Waterman Graduate Chrome Fountain Pen
  • Contemporary, stylish, and sophisticated design 
  • Delivers bold lines and fluid curves gracefully
  • Perfect gifting option as it is presented in a customized box
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The pen's barrel is made from chrome metal, which is smooth as well as attractive. Moreover, it is relatively light as compared to pens boasting a stainless steel barrel. So, you don't have to worry about hand fatigue, even while using it for hours on end. 

The pen has a chrome metal finish giving it a glossy look and sleek feel. However, the highlight of the pen is its nib. Waterman is known for providing one of the finest and smoothest nibs. The Waterman Graduate has a fine nib, ideal for beginners. With this pen, you have clean and crisp lines effortlessly. It gives you consistent handwriting and a comfortable writing experience.

  • Has a pre-filled blue ink cartridge
  • Flexible nibs
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • No ink converter included

How To Choose The Best Beginner Fountain Pen?

1. Barrel Materials

Brands use a variety of materials to make the barrel of fountain pens. Materials play an important role as they affect the pen's weight and durability. When you're looking for the best beginner fountain pen, ensure that it offers a good balance of weight and longevity.  

Stainless steel is highly durable, but it is also a little heavy. If you want a lighter option, opt for brass or aluminum, which are decently sturdy and comparatively less heavy.

2. Nib Material

The nib is one of the most important parts of a pen. Like the barrel, it is made with a variety of materials. You'll find nibs made of two materials - stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel nibs are very common as they're inexpensive and highly efficient. Titanium nibs are known to handle beginner's clumsiness well and are also quite durable. 

3. Nib Tip Width

After choosing a suitable nib material, the next important thing is to check its size and width. Nib tips are available in three sizes - fine, medium, and broad.

The fine nib tip is closest to the ones you get in a standard ballpoint pen. So, a new user can use a fine nib fountain pen comfortably, without facing any troubles. When you're learning, you must focus on technique and not optimization. So, using a broad nib fountain pen at the beginning is a big no, as it is a little complicated to deal with. 

4. Full Sets

Fountain pens cannot work alone. With your beginner fountain pen, you will need two important add ons - ink cartridge and ink converter. The ink converter lets you use any type of ink in your fountain pen.

Generally, pens don't come with these accessories. So, you will have to buy them separately. But, a wise decision would be to buy a complete fountain pen set. This serves two purposes, is cost-friendly and you will not have to search for the accessories yourself. 

5. Design 

Fountain pens are categorized under luxury pens. The design and feel of a pen depend mostly on your personal likes and dislikes. However, a good design is not merely about aesthetics, it's more than that. A pretty-looking fountain pen won't give the best writing experience.

Similarly, some design changes may affect your writing quality and experience. Whatever design you choose, ensure that it offers the best comfort for you. 

6. Size 

What's the use of a pen if you're not comfortable holding it and writing with it? This is why the size of the beginner fountain pen you choose matters the most. Needless to say, a variety of sizes are available to satisfy various users. So, be cautious while choosing the best beginner fountain pen, and ensure it offers the best comfort. 

Ideally, it must be the same as your normal pen. Remember two rules - It should fit your palms properly and should not hurt your hand while writing for long hours. Simply, you must consider your hand size, pen's weight, and body size, and then make a choice.

7. Weight 

The efficiency of the pen depends on its weight. An ideal weight gives the user comfort he/she needs to write proficiently. However, it's important to know your preferences. Do you like heavy pens or lighter ones? Which pen is the most comfortable for you - heavy or lightweight? 

Generally, heavyweight pens cause fatigue, especially when writing for long hours. So, they must be avoided if you're going to stick with your pen for hours together. Simply put, lightweight pens are suitable for long writing sessions, while heavy ones are decent for shorter writing needs. 

 8. Refilling Mechanism 

It goes without saying, fountain pens require refilling quite frequently. Several different refilling mechanisms are available to help you refill your best beginner fountain pen

a. Piston-filler: In this system, you submerge the nib in the ink jar to refill. If slow refilling is what  you prefer, then this is an ideal refilling mechanism for you. 

b. Cartridge:  Here you just have to replace the ink cartridges as they are prefilled. 

An ink-converter can also be used on a cartridge pen. You only have to dip it in the ink jar. But generally, you have to buy them separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Fountain Pen Ink Take A Long Time To Dry?

Yes, generally, even the best beginner fountain pen inks take longer to dry. However, there are specially engineered fast-drying inks. Moreover, the type of paper you write on also impacts the drying speed.

That being said, many fountain pen inks take just a few seconds to dry up completely. Usually, the best beginner fountain pen inks go through a smudge test. It gives a perfect idea of the drying time and the likeliness to smudge.

Q2. Is Specialty Fountain Pen Paper Required To Use These Pens?

No, you don't have to get any special paper for using the best beginner fountain pen. Generally, fountain pens work on almost all types of papers. However, it cannot be denied that using specialty fountain pen paper improves writing quality and reduces drying time. But, these are just benefits and not a necessity. 

It is noteworthy that fountain pens may struggle on some types of plastic, whereas ballpoint pens may work smoothly.

Q3. What Is The Difference Between An Ink Cartridge And An Ink Converter?

An ink cartridge is prefilled. It is a cylinder of ink that is loaded in the best beginner fountain pen. It gives you a use and throw option. 

A converter is just the opposite of a cartridge. It is an empty cylinder, which can be filled or loaded from an ink jar of ink. You use it, fill it again, and re-use it. So, it lasts longer.

Q4. How Long Does A Fountain Pen Cartridge Last?

The longevity of the best beginner fountain pen cartridge depends on four factors - the cartridge size, the nib size, writing style, and the ink type. 

Q5. How To Clean A Fountain Pen?

Cleaning a fountain pen is important. But, don't worry, the cleaning process is not difficult. Since fountain pen inks are water-based, you can clean them by rinsing it gently in clean water.

Q6. Do I Need To Change Converters While Changing Ink Colors?

No, it is not required. Fountain pens carry liquid inks, so just thoroughly wash the converter with water. Also, don't forget to wash the fountain pen and its nib with water to get rid of the residual ink.

Pro-tip: If you're going to change colors frequently, it is better to have multiple converters handy. It will help you save ink every time you make a switch.

Q7. Is It Difficult To Use Fountain Pens?

As a new user, this thought is natural. But, it's just a myth and fountain pens are not difficult to use. You need to be patient to learn the techniques of fountain pens and maintain them properly. Since they carry water-based ink, use it extra cautiously, otherwise, it may cause blotting.

Q8. How Often Do Fountain Pens Need Refilling?

Usually, a best beginner fountain pen needs to be refilled every two or three days, provided you're using it daily. But, the refilling completely depends on your usage. However, it depends on your usage. So, if you're using it rarely, then you can conveniently refill the pen once a month.

Q9. Do Fountain Pens Help To Improve Handwriting?

Yes, fountain pens do help in improving writing. But, before you become a master at writing with fountain pens, you require the 3 P's - Practice, Patience, and Precision. With these in mind, you can eventually graduate to using a fountain pen meant for pros. 

Writing with a fountain pen requires steadiness and comfort. With time, you will be able to handle fountain pens well, and naturally, your handwriting will drastically improve.

Moreover, most of the best beginner fountain pens are ergonomic, they offer the best writing experience and thus impact your handwriting for the best.

Q10. Are Fountain Pens Suitable For Daily Use?

Yes, fountain pens can be used every day. They are curated with precision to offer maximum comfort and a comfortable writing experience. Whether in school, office, or just at home, the best beginner fountain pen can be used anywhere and every day.

Wrapping Up

Using a fountain pen for the first time can be daunting, especially when you're unaware of the technique and terms. In our guide of the best beginner fountain pen, we've tried to give an insight into the world of fountain pens. From the do's and don'ts to key factors to the top 10 best beginner fountain pens available, we've covered it all. We hope this helps you to choose the best beginner fountain pen for you, and kick-start your journey on a beautiful note. 

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